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5 Ways the Luciferian Agenda Distorts the Truth

pentagramAs people awaken, they will undoubtedly come across reports of Satanic rituals, Lucifer worship, and dark magick as part of the Illuminati elite ethos. If you dig deep enough, you will recognize that the agenda of the elite runs much deeper than simply making money. (Don’t be deceived; that it sounds silly and outlandish is one of the ways they keep people from discovering the truth. Do your research, and keep an open mind.) But what exactly does it mean to be Satanic, and what is the Luciferian agenda? Because we have all grown up with the myth of the Christian devil and stories of a fiery hell, we have some preconceived notions of what is Satanic, but as you can guess, those stories and ideas have been turned into tools of manipulation that distract from the truth. Whether or not you believe in magick, understanding the agenda is the only way to avoid it.

There is no red-horned devil sitting in burning pits of sulfur collecting and burning souls (at least, not in my reality). Satan or Lucifer is an energy, and there are people and entities that support and feed on this energy. It is an energy of deception, distortion, and reversal. The goal of the Luciferian energy is to distort the truth so as to disconnect you from your divine essence, thus generating negative emotions on which it can prey, and taking away your source of power so that it can supplant it with its own power. The Luciferian energy distorts the truth, which is a much more powerful tactic than a simple lie. The most powerful Satanic acts or messages are those that take something deeply true and then twist it into something ugly, thereby contaminating the truth. This is the deception, and it takes real discernment to ferret it out.

Following are five ways in which the Luciferian agenda has distorted the truth. What is the truth underneath the deception and how do we unravel it?


The scientific method allowed people to free themselves from the prison of religion, giving everyone access to the same information and formulating a method by which to understand the world. Science was, and is, a fantastic creation that can open doors for humankind. But it has been turned into a religion itself now, as people believe “science” to be a set of conclusive ideas about the world rather than a system of inquiry. Science has become dogma, and its scientist priests are revered rather than questioned. The truth that we might have been able to find through science has been distorted, and science has become an arm of propaganda and misinformation. We must not give up on real science – the science that helps us to learn about the world and gives us tools to corroborate experiences with other humans. But real science requires an open and inquisitive mind, one that would never say: “the science is in.”


Political correctness

There is a gem at the core of the political correctness movement, believe it or not. The movement has become absurd and horrifying, as students sign petitions to abolish the first amendment and people suggest new pronouns practically daily. But the original idea was to foster consideration for people different than you and awareness of the ways our culture and language embed racism, sexism, and other isms. These are (were) laudable goals that have been distorted beyond belief. Political correctness is what needs to be abolished, but we need to find other ways to help people step into someone else’s shoes, feel empathy for those who might be different, and root out the cultural norms that make it more difficult to understand one another.



Feminism can be added to the list of Luciferian agenda tools. The feminist movement denigrates the wholesome male energy of power, strength, and creativity. Luciferian feminism tries to strip men of their essence, emasculating them through guilt and a drive toward “sensitivity.” Real sensitivity is not the goal of the agenda; the objective is to feminize men and masculinize women, stripping both of the sacred feminine and masculine which are their birthrights. We need to reinvigorate the feminine side of our society; this is the truth that feminism has distorted until it’s unrecognizable.



Anyone who has seen their kids playing soccer or tennis knows how wonderful sports can be, building sportsmanship, teamwork, and physical strength. This has been distorted until our sports are more like a proxy war, where factions and celebrity worship have replaced any sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Sports have become an obsession with competition, a reflection of the distorted survival of the fittest mentality. We need to take back the truth.



The agenda tries to normalize every kind of sexual behavior, spreading extreme pornography and injecting sexual images and content into even the most innocent places, while making it taboo so that any healthy exploration is forbidden. Even children are sexualized. But a backlash into Puritanism isn’t the answer. The underlying truth is that sexual desire is normal and healthy, and that there are many kinds of healthy sexual expression. This truth has been twisted as all emotions are disconnected from the sexual images to which we are exposed, and we are force fed a hedonistic and loveless idea of sex. We need to find our way back to a healthy sense of our sexuality as a fundamental and integral part of who we are, and a source of great pleasure and energy if we express it with love.



So what does the Luciferian energy want? First and foremost, it wants you to engage with it. The more you acknowledge its power, whether by trying to ignore it, fighting it, or buying into it, the greater its power will be. The more it has you wrapped up in battling the distortions, the further you fall from the truth.

What doesn’t feed into it? If all of those actions contribute to the problem, how do we counter the problem? How do you not acknowledge the power of the bankers and elite to manipulate your life through laws, finance, healthcare, entertainment, education, and food? How do you fight against the power of mind control and propaganda without fighting?


We must become servants of truth. The agenda pits us against one other as we argue the finer points of each distortion. Rather than battle with one another, know that the truth is within you. Every person needs to find that truth for themselves, and you will know something is true when it expands your heart and feels like relief. When we stop paying attention to the distortion and begin living the truth, the agenda has no power over us. If we begin doing that en masse, we give others permission to live the truth also. It’s very difficult to stay in the distortion when those around you are living the truth.


Part of that truth is that we are all one; what one person does affects the whole. The elite are part of that one too; fighting them is like fighting ourselves, and they know that. Think of the emperor telling Luke, “Give in to your anger. With each passing moment you make yourself more my servant.” We cannot fight them, and we obviously can’t ignore them. The only path is to assimilate them, to “turn them to the light side.” They will not all make it, and I don’t think we will weep for those who don’t, but we need to extend the invitation by acknowledging that “they” are “us.” They have been sucked into the distortion vortex, but redemption is possible, if we only show the way by leaving the distortion vortex behind ourselves.


Recognize that the Satanic energy is a deceiver, trying to separate you from yourself and the life around you. Stop giving power to the Luciferian agenda and energy. Start connecting with your deepest truth so that others can see how it’s done and what joy it brings. Shine a light and the “dark side*” disappears.


* By the way, in the deepest reality, the “dark side” only exists as a signpost to help you find the light.

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